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Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

​PECO's Customer Assistance Program (CAP) provides a monthly credit for eligible low income customers. The credit is based on the customer’s total household gross income and energy usage.

PECO calculates a customer’s annual credit using the following information:

  • Monthly gross household income - Federal Poverty Level
  • Annual energy usage – The amount of energy used at the property over the past 12 months
  • Energy Burden – The percentage of household income that should go towards energy bills

The annual credit ​is then divided across 12 months and applied to a CAP customer’s bill each month. Because energy usage changes due to the impact of weather, a larger credit will be applied during months when customers normally use more energy.​

Assistance Eligibility

If you think your household may qualify for CAP please call 1-800-774-7040. To be eligible, monthly household income cannot exceed:

  • $1,508  One person household
  • $2,030  Two person household
  • $2,553  Three person household
  • $3,075  Four person household
  • For each additional person add: $523

When you are on CAP, you cannot be a customer of a competitive electric generation or natural gas supplier.

Apply for Assistance

If you qualify for CAP assistance, complete your application online today.

Apply On Line

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