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Energy Supply Options


Your energy service is divided into two parts; supply, the cost of the gas and/or electricity, and delivery, transportation of the energy.

Delivery is a regulated service which means that PECO will continue to deliver gas and/or electricity to all customers. This also means that PECO is responsible for the wires, poles and outage restoration regardless of supplier. PECO's costs and policies are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC).

However, supply is not a regulated service. Energy suppliers that are licensed by the Pennsylvania PUC and registered with PECO can become your supplier. This gives you the choice and allows you to shop for the best energy rates and terms—if you wish.

Electric Suppliers

To see a list of competitive Electric Generation Suppliers, or to learn more about shopping for electricity, visit the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s PA Power Switch website.

Gas Suppliers

​The list provided below contains contact information and links for suppliers currently offering natural gas service to PECO customers as of January 1, 2017.

For a complete list of all natural gas suppliers licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or to learn about shopping for gas, visit the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s PA Gas Switch website.

Due to volatility in market conditions, the number of suppliers and the services that they offer may change at any time. Contact your supplier(s) of interest to see what offers are available.

 Supplier Name Services Phone
Agera EnergyResidential, Commercial844-692-4372
Agway Energy ServicesResidential, Commercial888-982-4929
Alpha Gas and ElectricResidential Only888-636-3749
Ambit EnergyResidential, Commercial877-282-6248
Amerigreen EnergyResidential, Commercial888-559-4567
BlueRock Energy​Residential, Commercial877-280-4909​
Commerce Energy IncorporatedResidential, Commercial877-226-5392
Constellation New EnergyResidential, Commercial866-622-6569
Direct Energy Business Marketing, LLC.Residential, Commercial800-437-7265
Direct Energy ServicesResidential, Commercial855-461-1927
Dominion EnergyResidential, Commercial888-216-3718
Energy RewardsResidential, Commercial800-COMCAST
Frontier UtilitiesResidential, Commercial866-926-8192
Gateway Energy ServicesResidential, Commercial800-805-8586
​Greenlight Energy​Residential, Commercial888-453-4427
HIKO EnergyResidential, Commercial888-264-4908
IDT GasResidential, Commercial877-887-6866
IGS GasResidential, Commercial888-995-0992
Mack Services GroupResidential, Commercial888-570-6225
Major Energy ServicesResidential, Commercial888-625-6760
MPower EnergyResidential, Commercial877-286-7693
National Gas and Electric​Residential, Commercial​888-442-0002
North American PowerResidential, Commercial888-313-9086
NRG Home​Residential, Commercial855-500-8703
Oasis EnergyResidential, Commercial800-324-3046
Palmco EnergyResidential, Commercial877-726-5862
Park Power​Residential Only​855-780-7275
Planet EnergyResidential Only866-360-8569
Plymouth RockResidential, Commercial855-327-6937
Residents EnergyResidential, Commercial888-828-RESI
Rhoads EnergyResidential,Commercial877-628-4271
​RPA Energy​Residential Only​800-685-0960
SFE EnergyResidential, Commercial877-316-6344
Shipley Energy CompanyResidential, Commercial800-839-1849
South Jersey Energy CompanyResidential, Commercial800-266-6020
Sprague Energy CorporationCommercial Only800-225-1560
Stream Energy GasResidential, Commercial877-369-8150
Supreme EnergyResidential, Commercial800-832-7090
The Energy CoopResidential Only215-413-2122
Think Energy​Residential, Commercial​888-923-3633
Titan GasResidential, Commercial888-251-7006
UGIResidential, Commercial800-427-8545
US Gas and ElectricResidential, Commercial 888-947-7880
Verde EnergyResidential, Commercial800-388-3862
Viridian EnergyResidential, Commercial 866-663-2508
Volunteer EnergyResidential, Commercial800-977-8374
WGL Energy ServicesResidential, Commercial 888-884-9437
XOOM Energy Pennsylvania, LLC.Residential, Commercial888-997-8979
YEP EnergyResidential, Commercial855-363-7736

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