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Motors & Drives

​​​​​​​​Motors and drives are critical in keeping many types of commercial and industrial equipment operating for extended periods and require a significant amount of energy. Upgrading to energy-efficient motors and installing variable speed drives, which enable you to match the speed of a motor to the operational demands, help lower energy costs, while reducing the wear and tear on your equipment.

PECO offers incentives for old motors ready for retirement and replacing them with more efficient models. Incentives also are available for adding variable speed drives to motors, pumps, fans, chillers, air compressors and other equipment.

​Typical Energy Efficiency Solutions 

Motors and Drives 

  • Early Replacement Motors with Premium Efficiency Motors
  • Variable Frequency Drive on HVAC Fan-Chilled Water or Heating Hot Water Pump
  • Variable Speed Drive on Kitchen Exhaust Fan
  • Variable Speed Drive on Process Motor <50 HP
  • Dust Collection System Motor

Four Easy Steps to Get Started 

Contact the PECO energy-efficiency team, and we’ll help you:

1. Evaluate your energy efficiency opportunities.
We offer solutions for every type and size of business to help you save energy and improve your bottom line.

2. Choose qualifying equipment and measures. 
Which energy efficiency solutions make the most sense for your facility and budget? What incentives do you qualify for? We’ll cover it all with you. 

3. Apply for your incentives. 
No headaches, no fuss. We’ll make sure the necessary documentation is completed properly so you get your incentives as soon as possible. ​

4. Enjoy all the benefits of energy efficiency.
Lower energy use, verified annual energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions are just the beginning. ​

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