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Why an ENERGY STAR® Home?

An ENERGY STAR®certified home is a quality home. Value, comfort, durability, efficiency - the ENERGY STAR® label means you get them all, plus peace of mind.​

Here are just few of the reasons your next home should be an ENERGY STAR® certified home.

  1. Higher standards, enduring quality. ENERGY STAR® certified homes are designed and build to standards well above Pennsylvania building codes and above most other homes on the market. This means your home will be more durable and require less maintenance than conventional homes.

  2. Lower utility bills. ENERGY STAR® certified homes typically use 15 to 30% less energy than conventional new homes, and the percentage is even higher when they're compared to most homes available for resale.

  3. ENERGY STAR Fast Facts 9% That's the average amount a green certification adds to a homes resale value Wall-to-wall comfort. An ENERGY STAR® certified homes gives you better protection against heat, cold, drafts, moisture, allergens and noise. You'll feel consistent temperatures across every room and breathe a constant supply of fresh, filtered air.

  4. Proven value. Higher standards, energy-efficient features and greater comfort mean ENERGY STAR® certified home is a better value for your money today, and the higher resale value of most ENERGY STAR® certified homes means they're also a better investment for tomorrow.

  5. Peace of mind. ENERGY STAR® certified homes undergo most test and inspections than conventional new homes. Independent, certified professionals work with the builder to choose the right energy-efficient features for your home and verify that it meets all the rigorous standards of an ENERGY STAR® certified home.

  6. Better financing options. Buying an ENERGY STAR® certified home may qualify you for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). These special mortgages give you credit for the home's efficiency within the mortgage and can help you qualify for a bigger loan. Ask your lender for details.

  7. For the environment. By using less energy, ENERGY STAR® certified homes help lessen the air pollution emitted by fossil fuel power plants.


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