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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at PECO

People are the cornerstone of everything we do at PECO. We understand that the key to our success is built on the foundation of a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. We strive to ensure that our workplace is one where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and respected, and a reflection of the diverse customers and communities we serve.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is anchored by our core values and the guiding principles of our parent company, Exelon. 

Together, we are PECO. We aim to support and empower our employees, customers and communities every day.

"As human beings, we all want to see people treated as we want to see our families and ourselves treated; with dignity, respect, and a care for one another's safety and security. We should all be able to agree on that. This is not a political view, it's a human decency view. It's also a PECO value. Diversity of thought is critical to our success as a company – and even more so as a country. We remain committed to continuing our open dialogue and keeping the conversation going to create greater understanding about the issues that impact all of us." ꟷ Mike Innocenzo, President and CEO, PECO

In recent months we made the decision to stand in solidarity with customers and community partners during times when it was needed most. In response to ongoing issues of racial injustice, PECO leaders launched the Equity Initiative.

PECO Equity Initiative

Closely aligned with Exelon's Racial Equity Task Force, the Equity Initiative will drive all employees to become involved in this meaningful work and bring forward your ideas to effect positive change. Leaders across PECO will work together to focus efforts on seven workstreams: 

  • External Talent/Workforce Development
  • Internal Talent/Workforce Development 
  • Employee Engagement/Experience
  • Leadership Accountability 
  • Supplier/Contractor Spend
  • Community/Civic Partner Engagement
  • Customer Focus

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Diversifying our talent pipeline to reflect the communities we serve

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