Serving the Greater Philadelphia area for more than 100 years

With a history of more than 100 years of service to the Greater Philadelphia region, PECO has a long-standing commitment to a culture of excellence.  Formerly, Philadelphia Electric Company, PECO was incorporated in 1902 but finds it origins in The Brush Electric Light Company of Philadelphia, which was formed in 1881.  One of the oldest and largest utility companies in the United States, PECO has its origins in the work of Thomas Edison.

  We are proud to be part of
  Pennsylvania's rich history.

As invention brought new conveniences, population grew, and industry developed, PECO grew to meet the increasing demand of its customers.

The history and evolution of electricity and natural gas development, distribution, and consumption suggests that demand for both will continue to increase. PECO is the steward of efforts to help customers make better choices about energy usage and is focused on setting the example as an environmental leader.

Our company's legacy is one of innovation and commitment to learning. It is also about a commitment to people, our customers.

By the Numbers

1881: March 31, Incorporated

1923: July 19, Interconnection with New Jersey

1956: November 4, Creation of PJM Interconnection

1994: Philadelphia Electric Company changes it's name to PECO Energy Company, and later becomes PECO

1997: Electric utility industry is deregulated

2000: PECO merges with Unicom to create Exelon

2000: PECO receives the coveted Edison Award

2012: October 28, Hurricane Sandy - the worst storm in company history.