Lighting a Philadelphia tradition

PECO has been displaying messages atop its 23rd and Market Street headquarters since July 4, 1976. Since that time, the company has saluted local community and non-profit organizations with more than 17,500 messages. The new, energy efficient system, unveiled on July 4, 2009, contains more than 2 million, new, energy-efficient LED lights with color capability.

The PECO Crown Lights, a Philadelphia tradition, now feature two million new, energy-efficient LED bulbs.


Messages and scheduling

Community partners may submit a request for a Crown Lights message. We receive requests from many deserving organizations and regret that we cannot accommodate all of them. We will confirm, at least two weeks in advance, if we are able to run your message.  The confirmation will include any edits, if necessary, and the date(s) the message will run.   

  • Submit your requests eight weeks in advance of the event/message.
  • Messages are to be no longer than 72 characters, including spaces. 
  • Please provide several dates you would like your message to appear. Messages from community partners typically run two to three consecutive nights; however, final date selection is based upon availability.
  • You may request certain colors for the text and background of your message; however PECO will make the final decision on the color and formatting of your message based on system preferences.
  • Only the PECO and Exelon family of companies’ logos will run on the Crown Lights system.
  • Crown Lights messages will be run at the sole discretion of PECO. 
  • The Crown Lights system will not run personal names, marriage proposals, birthdays, anniversaries or other personal messages.
  • All messages on the Crown Lights system must be in keeping with corporate values and conform to corporate standards of appropriateness and good taste.
  • All messages on the Crown Lights system must demonstrate a community benefit.
  • Religious messages: Only activities that provide a community benefit, and are open to the public will be considered.
  • Dates – Dates will be displayed as follows: Numeric Month/Number Date, i.e. 9/1.
    Additionally, if you wish to include the day of the event, it should be listed as follows: Tues. 9/1
  • Time – Time will be displayed as follows: HourAM/PM, i.e. 6PM.  Exception: NOON & MIDNIGHT
  • Web sites – Only vanity URLs, or other easy to remember Web addresses will be included with messages, such as
Please review all requirements and guidelines prior to submitting your request.



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