Encouraging educational excellence

PECO is helping prepare the workforce of tomorrow through its active support of educational initiatives with a special focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Math) studies that help students grasp the importance of education to their future.

Philadelphia Academies

Philadelphia Academies is PECO's oldest community partnership, focusing on academic and occupational skills for public school students. Established in 1969, with PECO's sponsorship of the first Academy of Applied and Electrical Science, the program now includes more than 30 academies in 14 career areas at 20 of the city's high schools and two middle schools. Since the outset, PECO employees have been actively involved at many levels. Recently, PECO has been working with the Academies to create job opportunities for program graduates, through the "PECO Pipeline for Success." Program support is targeted to increasing the number of youth served by career academies. 

Lighting a Philadelphia tradition