Events and sponsorships

PECO is building partnerships with a variety of educational, environmental, arts and culture and community development organizations.  Through these partnerships, we seek to provide opportunities for employee and customer engagement and community impact.

Museums & Zoos

With a dedication to institutions that add to the cultural vitality of the Philadelphia area and emphasize educational outreach, we have built strategic partnerships with the Philadelphia Zoo, The Franklin Institute, The African American Museum and many other local museums.


Fine & Performing Arts

PECO supports programs that make the arts more accessible to a wider audience. We celebrate the fact that the arts play a major role in human development and have a substantial regional economic impact.

City & Culture

In a city well known for its history and culture, we are an enthusiastic supporter of special events and activities that promote youth leadership, diversity, literacy, and other individual community development opportunities.  


Technology & Education

One of the ways PECO is helping prepare the workforce of tomorrow is through its active support of STEM (Science, Technology, Education, Math) initiatives that prepare students to compete effectively in a global economy. 

Lighting a Philadelphia tradition