Apply for CAP Rate assistance

Approved Universal Services applicants will receive the CAP Rate discount for their energy bill. Approval may not reach PECO before the mailing of your next energy bill. PECO will notify you if your application does not meet the application requirements. Your application will NOT be processed until ALL requested information is received and verified. You will be notified by mail upon approval.

If you prefer to print and then mail or fax the CAP Rate Application Click below for English or Spanish.

Customer Information

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Household Members

List the people who live with you, starting with yourself. Include all children and adults. Include all roomers who share household expenses. Attach proof of all income.

Person #1
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* Please check the box(es) below to indicate the type(s) of total household income verification

Review Your Application

Be sure that all requested information is complete and accurate before submitting. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

  • Verify or enter the name, address and social security information of the members in your household, including yourself.
  • Verify that you have attached proof of total gross household income, and that you have checked the box(s) above to indicate the type(s) of proof attached.

Confirmation (Optional)

If you would like to receive an e-mail confirmation, please provide an e-mail address below.


My electronic signature on this CAP application gives my   permission to PECO or its authorized agent to: (a) check any information I give   about where I live, my jobs, income, resources, and energy supplier; (b) find   out about the costs of my shelter, heating and heating use; (c) complete any   survey or reporting to a governmental agency that it may be requested to do by   that agency; (d) obtain a consumer credit report on me and; (e) obtain a copy of   the federal income tax return for every member of my household. I authorize the   release of limited information to approved agencies which provide other   energy/weatherization assistance for which I may be eligible. I certify that the   information I gave is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I   understand that if I give false information, I can be denied or removed from CAP   and subject to repay any CAP benefits received to date.

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