CAP Rate

CAP Rate is a discounted residential tariff rate for low-income customers within the PECO service territory. There are seven discounted rates (up to 90 percent discount) available to residential electric and gas customers. The percentage of discount is based on the gross household income of the customer.

Assistance Eligibility

If you think your household may qualify for CAP Rate please call 1-800-774-7040. To be eligible, monthly household income cannot exceed:

  • $1,485  One person household
  • $2,003  Two person household
  • $2,520  Three person household
  • $3,038  Four person household
  • For each additional person add: $520

When you are on CAP Rate, you cannot be a customer of a competitive electric generation or natural gas supplier.

Apply for Assistance

If you qualify for CAP Rate assistance, complete your application online today.


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