Budget your bill

Budget Billing brings consistent monthly payments

If your energy usage varies widely from month to month or from season to season, Budget Billing allows you to spread your PECO energy service costs evenly throughout the year.

Here's how Budget Billing works:

  • You pay a pre-arranged amount each month based on your energy use during the prior 12-month budget cycle.
  • Your monthly Budget Bill payment will be adjusted every four months to keep the payment in line with your actual energy usage.
  • After twelve months of Budget Billing, the difference between your budget bill amount and actual use for the previous 12 months will be applied to your bill.  You may choose to have the difference applied as a lump sum or during the next twelve months.  If you have used more than what you have been charged for, the difference will be added to your bill.  If you use less your bill will be credited the difference.
  • You may enroll on the Budget Billing plan at any time, and your budget plan will begin with your next bill. 

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Be worry-free with automatic payments