Restoring service safely and quickly

We know you count on us to keep the lights on and gas flowing and we work hard - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – to do just that.  But unfortunately, not all outages can be prevented.

When electric outages do occur we work to safely restore service as quickly as possible.  When service is interrupted, we know you count on us for timely and accurate information about when we estimate your service will be restored. The estimated restoration times we provide are based on current conditions and damage across the PECO system. These estimates can, and do, change.  For example, when PECO crews arrive on site and assess the damage for a particular outage, customers receive an updated estimated restoration time.  We then will continue to update the estimated restoration time as crews complete their work. This means that restoration times for specific outages may change frequently.

In some situations, an outage impacting several customers may be reported as restored, when in fact, one or more of those customers remain out of service. This is the result of a ‘nested outage’ – additional damage that remains somewhere else along an electric circuit or line after a larger issue has been resolved.  The estimated restoration times for customers who remain without service will be updated based on the current system conditions and as crews perform their work to restore service.

We work safely to restore service to the greatest number of customers as quickly as possible.  Public safety takes precedence at all times. Customers with medical conditions should make plans for backup power or alternate accommodations in the event of an extended power outage. Those in need of immediate medical assistance should call 911.

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