Integrate self-generated power

Net Metering and Interconnection with PECO

Net metering is a way to capture the energy used and produced by a renewable energy generator located at a home or small business. Homeowners and small business owners who have a solar power system, wind turbine or similar energy generator can use net metering to offset their traditional utility costs. The excess power that is generated enters the general utility grid, and is tracked as negative usage on the meter. Interconnection refers to the technical, contractual, and rates and metering requirements that are settled between the system owner and PECO before the system is connected to the grid.

Procedures and Requirements

Please follow the procedures and requirements for connecting small generator facilities to the PECO transmission or distribution system. A service and meter form and the appropriate interconnection application is required.

For large generators with applications rated at greater than 50kW, see PECO's "Gray Book" Interconnection Requirements for Parallel Operation for generation greater than 50kW (pdf) for guidelines for interconnection of generators to the PECO distribution system.

For small generators with applications rated at 50kW or less, see PECO's "Yellow Book" Requirements for Parallel Operation for customers with generation not exceeding 50kW (pdf).

Please select the form based upon the amount of power your system will be generating.

Note:  If you choose to install a net metering resource and switch to a competitive Electric Generation Supplier (EGS), your Net Metering service from PECO will be impacted.  After you switch to an EGS, you can still offset your monthly usage and PECO will still carry forward all excess energy that you produce into the next month. The only difference is that you will no longer receive credits from PECO for any excess energy that remains at the end of the net metering year (May 31). If you consider switching, we encourage you to contact your EGS to find out if they offer any net metering incentives.

*Applicants seeking to install generation approaching 2,000 kW or larger should contact PECO for guidance in determining the appropriate application process.

Application fees vary by Interconnection level.

View information on PECO's Transmission Facility Connection Requirements in compliance with NERC standard FAC-001.

Additional information regarding interconnection to the Transmission System may be found at the PJM website

Submit your Request

All applications and fees should be submitted to the appropriate PECO location in the area where service is required.



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For general questions about net-metering and interconnection with PECO please E-mail Us.
NOTE: Please do not submit interconnection applications or certificates of completion to this email address.