Call 811 before you dig

Pennsylvania One-Call: 811

Have utility lines marked before you dig - at home, in your neighborhood, at work.

Be safe

Before you dig, be safe and call Pennsylvania One-Call at 811. What you don't see underground can hurt you. Before you dig, you are required by law to call Pennsylvania One Call, and they will help you to locate gas, electric and other underground utility lines. Whether you are planting a tree, building a fence or laying a foundation, contacting a line with a shovel or other digging device can damage power lines–and cause injury or worse. Call before you dig at home, in your neighborhood or at a work location. Call a minimum of three days before you plan to dig.

Know the law

Pennsylvania Act 38 (1991) requires notification by excavators, designers, or any person preparing to disturb the earth's surface anywhere in the Commonwealth. Pennsylvania Act 38 (1991) requires no less than three working days notice and no more than 10 working days notice from excavators who are about to: dig, drill, blast, auger, bore, grade, trench or demolish when in the construction phase. A designer is required to give no less than 10 working days and no more than 90 working days notice when engaged in the design phase. Both of these conditions involve the entire Commonwealth.

The developer or designated representatives (e.g., excavating contractor) are responsible for obtaining all necessary clearances, markings, and other notifications required by the Pennsylvania One Call System (POCS). In Pennsylvania, call: 811. Out-of-State, call: 412-323-7100. If you are demolishing a building and you need PECO to remove electric or gas facilities, call  811 Demolition Requests.

We are here to help

PECO's Damage Prevention Group is dedicated to providing education and assistance to customers and excavators regarding safe excavation around PECO underground gas and electric lines. Safe digging is everyone's responsibility.

PECO's Damage Prevention Group provides both office and field personnel to assist you with all issues related to excavation activities throughout our service territory. Our close partnership with PA One Call and our locating vendor, STS, Inc., gives you access to the resources you need to ensure your job site is properly marked before you start to dig.

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