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If work is to be performed near overhead lines, the lines need to be de-energized and grounded, or other protective measures provided before work is started. Such precautions are in place to prevent contact with lines and to ensure your safety.

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  **Contact the Pennsylvania One Call system at 8-1-1 prior to starting any demolition work. A minimum of 10 working days is required prior to the demolition date.

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Safety Warning

OSHA General Industry Standards Section 1910.333, Selection and usage of work practices,Sub-section (C) (3), Overhead lines, states: "If work is to be performed near overhead lines, the lines shall be de-energized and grounded, or other protective measures shall be provided before work is started. If protective measures, such as guarding, isolating, or insulting are provided, these precautions shall prevent employees from contacting such lines directly with any part of their body or indirectly through conductive materials, tools, or equipment.

WARNING-Workers may be electrocuted or seriously injured by even momentary contact with power lines, MOST OVERHEAD POWER LINES ARE NOT INSULATED. PECO Energy prefers to de-energize lines that may conflict with construction activity. If lines cannot be de-energized, PECO Energy will seek to install protective devices designed to guard against ACCIDENTAL contact with energized lines. In all cases, the Contractor is required to provide an awareness barrier, inform all workers of the location of PECO facilities, instruct them that these facilities are not to be contacted at any time by personnel, tools, material, or equipment, supervise the work while it is being performed to assure compliance with OSHA regulations and these instructions, and to proactively take action to PREVENT ANY CONTACT with PECO Energy facilities by workers, equipment, tools, or carried items.


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Call before you dig

Call before you dig