Interested in Green Vehicles? PECO's here to help!

Keeping the lights and the gas flowing is fundamental at PECO. As part of this effort we're making sure our system is ready to support the electric and natural gas vehicles used by our customers.

Electric Vehicles

With one-third of the nation’s greenhouse gases caused by transportation – and 60 percent of that from personal use – more and more drivers nationwide are turning to electric vehicles, which have the potential to greatly reduce carbon emissions from the tailpipe. See how you can benefit by buying an electric vehicle.


Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles

CNG is a clean burning, alternative transportation fuel that costs less. Commercial fleet operators are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving money by converting their fleets to domestically available CNG--much of which is available right here in Pennsylvania.  Discover how your business may benefit by converting to CNG fueled vehicles.