Protecting wildlife habitat

PECO maintains about 14,000 miles of overhead electric lines as part of its electric transmission and distribution system. Our transmission rights-of-way on state, local and federal lands – through wetlands, woods, agricultural land, suburban and urban areas and along highways and railroad corridors – are maintained on a five-year cycle, with annual comprehensive surveys of conditions.

A vital part of PECO’s commitment to the environment is the protection of wildlife habitat and the assurance of biodiversity. Because PECO operates in and around wetlands and other ecologically sensitive areas, we must take care to minimize all impact to these environments.

Forest Preservation

We support municipalities by funding the removal and replacement of diseased, weakened or tall-growing trees under our overhead power lines. PECO uses Arbor Day as an opportunity to educate its customers about the values that trees can bring. Planting the right tree in the right place can enhance property values and increase a home’s energy efficiency year-round. 

PECO spends millions of dollars each year on tree clearance and vegetation management work around the company’s 14,000 miles of electric transmission and distribution lines. This work ensures PECO maintains compliance with strict federal reliability standards for transmission system reliability.

PECO donates to the state’s TreeVitalize program, which seeks to plant 20,000 shade trees over four years in southeastern Pennsylvania. And PECO provided financial support and classroom training to 300 community volunteers as part of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) Tree Tenders program.

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