PECO's Environmental Management System (EMS)

PECO received ISO 14001 certification of its Environmental Management System (EMS) in 2008.  In addition, our Gas System Control and Plant Operations responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas into PECO’s distribution system have been certified since 2005. 

ISO 14001 Certification is the globally recognized standard for promoting effective, systematic management of environmental responsibilities and risks through a process/system of continuous improvement.  It provides the framework for a continual cycle of planning, implementing, reviewing and improving our actions to meet ever changing environmental expectations and obligations.  

ISO 14001 certification of PECO’s EMS contributes to our commitment to preserve and protect the environment.  Certification also helps us reach our goal of industry environmental leadership.  Our EMS enables the company to identify, address and minimize environmental impacts that may result from our services and operations.  This helps PECO to anticipate and meet growing environmental performance expectations, mitigate risks, introduce new efficiencies, and enhance our compliance with local, state and federal regulatory requirements. 

ISO 14001 certification requires an annual review of PECO’s environmental programs, policies and procedures by independent auditors to ensure that our company continues to act as a leader in environmental management.

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