Reduce, reuse and recycle

Resource conservation is achieved by managing materials and properties more efficiently and using resources wisely through the philosophy of:  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


PECO has implemented a multi-year program to pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Existing Building (EB) certifications for 10 of our largest buildings across the region. Specific projects include extensive HVAC, lighting and controls retrofits to increase energy efficiency, plumbing fixture replacements to save water, native meadow conversions, improved recycling and environmentally-friendly cleaning procedures. These energy efficiency improvements are anticipated to result in an average of 50% savings in electricity and gas costs, and a 35% reduction in water usage.  PECO, in conjunction with our parent company Exelon, have been working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of Exelon 2020.  The multi-year goal includes reducing energy consumption at all of our buildings by 25%, improving the efficiency of the electric delivery system, building an industry-leading green supply chain, leveraging green best practices, continuously reducing carbon emissions from our vehicle fleet and helping employees adopt green practices in the workplace and at home.  As of 2010, PECO reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 54% since 2001.


PECO refurbishes and reuses equipment, materials and land whenever possible.  When possible we refurbish and repair electrical transformers, reuse oil and beneficially reuse as much of our soils excavated as a result of gas main installations.  PECO is a leader in transforming former manufactured gas plants (MGP) and retired substations into new business opportunities.  Under Pennsylvania’s progressive Land Recycling Law, we’ve remediated 16 MGP sites for reuse. These previously unused brownfield properties have been transformed into useful properties such as condominiums, businesses and parks.  One property is currently functioning as the parking lot for a newly constructed professional soccer stadium.


PECO recycles everything from paper, plastic, metal from electrical equipment to oil, even down to the wood chips generated through our vegetation management program.  Recycling efforts reduce our carbon footprint, reduces the use of raw materials and cuts the amount of waste going to landfills. In 2010 PECO was awarded the Pennsylvania Waste Watcher Award from the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania for our outstanding recycling efforts.

Operating LEED certified buildings