Our commitment

At PECO, we put our energy into the environment. That’s why we’re spending $15.3 million over five years to protect and preserve all things green – from changing over to an environmentally friendly fleet of vehicles and promoting PECO Smart Ideas energy solutions (which helps our customers save energy and money) to distributing community grants to conserve and create green spaces. We also educate teachers about energy and the environment so that they can transfer that learning to our youth, recycle thousands of tons of paper, metal and plastic annually and work to maximize the energy efficiency of our daily operations.

PECO's many climate initiatives support Exelon 2020, A Low Carbon Roadmap, which is a comprehensive, ambitious, industry-leading strategy developed by Exelon, PECO's parent company.

We are committed to an environmental policy to continually improve our environmental performance and promote a culture where full compliance with environmental regulations is a minimum level of acceptable performance.

Environmental Policy (+)

Climate Change

Learn more about climate change, and PECO‘s role in an industry-leading strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Habitat Protection 

See how PECO protects the lands that surround its transmission and distribution system.

Resource Conservation

Discover the depth of PECO’s efforts to promote resource conservation.


ISO Certification 

Read how PECO's Environmental Management System (EMS) meets a globally recognized standard.

Recognized for our commitment to the environment