Seeking greener sources

PECO is working to reduce the environmental impacts of the materials and services we procure, and to encourage the environmental performance of suppliers themselves.

Our Supply organization developed environmental questions that are now included in sourcing requests. This allows PECO to evaluate the environmental performance of its suppliers. In 2010, PECO’s parent company Exelon is developing a number of environmental standards to be incorporated in its business processes, including standards for transformers, wire and cable, wood poles and the vehicle fleet. In conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency, Exelon is conducting five Green Supplier Network reviews this year. The reviews assess sustainability opportunities in our suppliers’ manufacturing facilities.

As one of the founders of the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance ( (+)), Exelon has become a national leader in supply chain-environmental management. Through the Alliance, Exelon has helped lead the development of industry standards for evaluating the environmental attributes of key materials and services as well as performance metrics for supplier companies. Going forward, Exelon is supporting the development of the Alliance’s 2010 – 2012 strategic plan, facilitating the second annual Alliance supplier environmental survey and helping establish the Alliance’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Greening the supply chain also means reducing the impacts from the materials and services we procure. During 2009 Exelon recycled more than 4 million pounds of office waste, 380,000 pounds of technology waste, 22 million pounds of scrap metal and recycled or reused more than 843,000 gallons of oil.

In Information Technology, we’ve replaced more than 4,700 monitors with more efficient models and our server virtualization process continued with more than 200 physical servers moved to the virtual platform.

Exelon’s Supply group has introduced eco-friendly products, including cleaning products and biodegradable trash bags, across all business units.

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