Deploying alternative fueled vehicles

PECO’s alternative fueled vehicle fleet consists of more than 62 hybrid vehicles, a prototype hybrid bucket truck, 15 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles and 692 biodiesel vehicles. In total, alternative-fuel vehicles represent 58 percent of PECO’s total fleet of cars and trucks.  Compared to a non-green fleet, these 770 vehicles reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 1,098 metric tons annually. This is the equivalent of removing about 200 cars from the road for a full year. We also are actively working with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to help promote the use of CNG as a motor fuel for transportation in Pennsylvania.  PECO owns and operates 6 fast fill Compressed Natural Gas Fueling sites, of which 5 are also open to the general public once an account has been established with Customer Service.

In 2011, PECO will deploy two Chevrolet Volts through a partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to upgrade their fleets and reduce fuel consumption.  In 2012, through the use of stimulus grant money available to EPRI, PECO will deploy 20 PHEV trouble trucks.  Both projects will include the use of advanced telemetry to collect data on power consumption, fuel usage and other performance metrics as part of the industry’s ongoing research into advanced batteries and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. 

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