Enhancing our environment

In an age when energy efficiency is helping revolutionize the way we interact with our environment, PECO is taking the lead in exploring and sharing new ideas and opportunities to reduce our impact. With access to new tools and technologies, our customers are finding the power of change is rewarding on a variety of levels.

Our Commitment

PECO has built a comprehensive strategy to integrate environmentally conscious changes to all aspects of our business.

Our Initiatives

An industry leader in environmentally responsible practices, PECO is also committed to helping others discover green advantages.

Green Vehicles

Keeping the lights and the gas flowing is fundamental at PECO. As part of this effort we're making sure our system is ready to support the electric and natural gas vehicles used by our customers.

New Technology

We're investing in new technology that will help us more efficiently operate our system and provide future new products and services to our customers.

Carbon Footprint

Measuring your impact on the environment can reveal energy saving opportunities.

Take Action

Improving your energy efficiency means putting effective ideas into action.

Recognized for our commitment to the environment