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Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

Coming Soon – Click here to learn about the new CAP-PIPP program.
PECO's Customer Assistance Program (CAP) can give you a monthly credit on your PECO bill. The credit is based on your household's gross income and energy use.

Your monthly CAP credit is based on the following information:

  • Monthly gross household income – Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
  • Annual energy usage – The amount of energy you used in the past 12 months.
  • Energy burden – The percentage of household income that goes to energy costs.

PECO uses these three pieces of information to determine your monthly CAP credit. That credit amount is applied to a CAP customer's PECO bill each month. Energy usage can change due to the weather. So, CAP customers will receive a larger credit during months they use more energy.

Do You Qualify for CAP?

To qualify for CAP, monthly household income cannot be more than:

  • $1,595 – One person in home
  • $2,155 – Two people in home
  • $2,715 – Three people in home
  • $3,275 – Four people in home
  • Add $560 for each extra person.

In addition, you must use PECO for your electric and natural gas supply to qualify. You cannot be enrolled with a competitive supplier.

Ready to Apply? Here's What You'll Need

  • Address and phone number associated with your PECO account
  • Please note that this phone number will be linked with your application. If you are completing this application for someone else, please use a phone number that you will have access to for security code verification.
  • Full name and birthdate of each household member
  • Proof of income during the past 30 days for each household member
    • Examples include: pay stub, unemployment compensation letter, pension check, workmen's compensation check, DHS award letter, child support order letter, Social Security award letter and Supplemental Security Income
  • Social security number for each household member (optional)

If applicable, please refer to the No-Income Form

Our electronic CAP application is currently down, to apply for CAP assistance please download the application below. 

Please note: Applications submitted online may be processed faster.

You also can download an application.

If you download a CAP application, you can submit it three ways.:

  • Fax: 1-855-358-9369
  • Mail: PECO CAP
             P.O. Box 467429
             Atlanta, GA 31146-9801

Need help with your application? Call 1-800-774-7040.

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