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Equipment Responsibility

​When service damage occurs, it's important to understand who is responsible for the repair. Distinguish between areas owned by PECO and areas owned by the customer.

Elec​tric Equipment​

Items #2 and #3 are not applicable to underground installations. 

  1. PECO - Electrical Service Wire coming from PECO’s system (overhead or underground)
  2. Customer - Attachment (the point where PECO equipment attaches to customer property)
  3. Customer - Weather Head and wire drip loop (the weather resistant entry point for customer wires going to the meter box)
  4. Customer - Riser/Raceway (the conduit that physically protects wires going to the meter box)
  5. Customer - Meter Enclosure/Box (contains and safely secures the electric meter)
  6. PECO - Meter (measures the amount of electricity used by the customer)

Residential Overhead Services

PECO will reinstall the customer's overhead service drop to the original point of attachment of the building. The customer is responsible for any repair to their service entrance cable(Line side and load side)

Residential Underground Services


  • After repair work on underground cables is completed, PECO will back-fill the trench to the original grade.
  • If the customer caused the damage, the customer is responsible for the costs to repair the cable, for reseeding or re-sodding the area, and for replacing any structures, fences, patios associated with the damage.
  • If PECO is responsible for the repair (breakdown in cable, etc.), PECO will reseed or resod the affected lawn or yard area back to its original condition.
  • Easements must be kept clear of trees, bushes, structures, fences, patios, etc. The restoration of power and repair of cable can be delayed if PECO cannot safely access its facilities​


Gas Equipment 

PECO ensures reliable and safe gas service to our customers. We rely on our customers to understand what they can do in order to maintain the areas that they are responsible for and to stay safe around natural gas.

PECO owns all pipes, underground and above ground, up to and including the gas meter. Customers own and maintain all above ground and buried pipe after the meter, and their gas appliances. Please see Natural Gas Meter Relocation Program for more info.

Protect Gas Equipment and Piping


  • Ensure a minimum of three feet of clear space around each meter.
  • Use caution when performing any work around meters or moving vehicles or equipment near meters or piping
  • Contact PECO at 800-494-4000 to report any suspected damage or signs of deterioration to meters or piping.
  • Contact Pennsylvania One at 811 at least two full business days (but no more than 10 days) prior to digging to ensure underground natural gas pipes and other utilities are properly located and marked.


For more information on natural gas safety, please visit our Natural Gas Safety page

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