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Current Gas Rate Information

PECO has certified to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission that this is an accurate electronic representation of the tariffs which are officially filed at the Commission. Users of electronic tariffs should note, however, that such tariffs are not the official documents, and users assume responsibility for reliance upon tariffs in electronic format.

Current Tariffs

Current Gas Tariff effective March 1, 2023 (pdf)

Current Gas Choice Supplier Tariff effective January 1, 2023 (pdf)

Selected Tariff Provisions/Rates of Gas Tariff

Rate GR – General Service (Residential) (pdf)
Service to the dwelling of a single private family or to a multiple dwelling unit building consisting of two to five dwelling units for domestic requirements. Resale of gas and/or service provided by the Company under this rate is only allowed for those locations being served through a single meter prior to January 6, 1980.

Rate GC - General Service (Commercial and Industrial) (pdf)
Service for use in commercial and/or industrial applications, with the right reserved to restrict its use as boiler fuel and for other non-critical use.

Sales Service Costs (SSC) - Section 1307 (f) (pdf)
Provisions for recovery of gas costs related to Sales Service.

Balancing Service Costs (BSC) - Section 1307 (f) (pdf)
Provisions for recovery of Balancing Service Costs.

State Tax Adjustment Clause (pdf)
Whenever any of the tax rates used in the calculation of the surcharge are changed, the surcharge will be recomputed as prescribed by the Commission. The recalculation will be submitted to the Commission within ten days after the tax rates change occurs and the effective date shall be ten days after filing.

In addition, if a recalculation is submitted as a result of a tax rate change, the Company will thereafter file each year on December 21 annual updates with the Commission which will reflect only this tax change. These annual updates will be effective ten days after filing and will continue until such as the effect of the change in tax rates has been included in base rate.

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