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Current PECO Filings

2022 Gas Distribution Rate Case

Docket No. R-2022-3031113

2021 Electric Distribution Rate Case

Docket No. R-2021-3024601

Eminent Domain Application – Lower

Chanceford Twp.

Letter of Notification and Eminent Domain Application – Lower Chanceford Twp (PDF)

Act 129 Phase IV Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan

Petition of PECO (Docket No. M-2020-3020830)

Default Service Provider (DSP V)

Docket No. P-2020-3019290

2023 FERC Wholesale Transmission Formula Rate Annual Update

In 2017, PECO requested and received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to implement a wholesale transmission formula rate. This approval enables PECO to continue to invest in the system, replacing equipment, upgrading infrastructure and modernizing the electric transmission system, enhancing communications networks, supporting critical infrastructure protection, and ensuring ongoing safe and reliable service for customers, while allowing PECO to receive current recovery of its costs and return on its system investments. PECO Energy Company has updated its network service transmission rate (as described above) for the rate year June 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024. The rate update and notice for the annual customer meeting are available, by visiting the PJM Interconnection by clicking here.

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