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Gas Transportation Rate Resources

This information is for large gas customers (>5,000 Mcf annually) who have elected the Transportation Service Firm rate (TSF), the Transportation Service Interruptible rate (TSI), or the Temperature Controlled Service rate (TCS).

View, manage, and update your company’s contact information in the event of a natural gas interruption by logging into the LGCN Portal. If you have elected rates TSI or TCS or are a supplier of customers on rate TSI, then it is critical you provide to PECO the most recent contacts’ information to avoid penalties. 


LGCN Portal

Interruptible Rate TSI & TCS Customers

  • Must stop burning gas when PECO calls for an interruption event.

    • For back-up rate IS interruptions, you may not use more their your deliveries minus your allowable daily variation (contact your supplier or Account Manager if you are unsure)

  • Agree to provide and update your direct phone number, e-mail address, or text address and other identified people in my organization (provide#) so that PECO can notify you or your designee of pending gas interruptions.

  • Will actively engage their supplier (as needed) for any communications regarding gas deliveries

  • Prior to the heating season, will test their back up system to insure that they can burn alternative fuel during the interruption period.

  • Will have the ability to switch to an alternate fuel in the event of a called rate TSI Tier Interruption or rate TCS interruption.

  • In addition to your text/e-mail, phone notification, you may always check the status of an interruption by calling our automated line at 1-800-PECO-GAS

Firm Rate TSF Customers

  • Will ensure that their supplier is able to deliver gas commensurate with their usage

    • Will review their contract to determine comfort level with their supplier’s ability to deliver. 

    • Will consider electing the Stand by Sales option as an insurance against insufficient deliveries.

  • Will review their usage and work with their PECO Account Manager to ensure that they are on a rate that’s best suited to their needs.

All Large Gas Transportation Customers

  • May save money by electing a supplier to transport their gas under rate TSI or TSF

  • Are qualified for the program by using at least 5,000 mcf annually or by being be part of a buyers group among multiple same-named accounts

  • Must maintain a phone line to support daily reads to their suppliers

    • Specifically, provide a POTS line (Plain Old Telephone Line, non-digital) from their telephone provider.

    • Will work with their telephone provider in a timely manner to resolve chronic phone line issues OR switch to PECO rate GC if unresolved.

  • Are billed on “deliveries”, not usage. Suppliers balance their deliveries based on your daily usage, and are able to virtually “bank” small amounts of unused gas based on tariff requirements. That is why it is critical that you maintain your phone line so that they can balance properly and not put your account in penalty.

  • May view their daily usage and your supplier deliveries. You may contact your PECO Account Manager if you desire this option

  • Will insure that the supplier is able to deliver gas commensurate with your usage

  • As educated consumers, HVT customers are responsible for understanding their rate and requirements and will actively seek to contact their PECO Account Manager with any questions.


  • Please log into the portal on the link above and provide your most recent contact information.
  • For current rate information, please see the rate summary links below.

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