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Electric Price to Compare

​PECO continually updates its Prices To Compare to help you evaluate offers from competitive Electric Generation Suppliers (EGSs). Remember, you may be able to save money by choosing a competitive supplier!  Use your Price To Compare to estimate your potential savings!

About the Electric Price To Compare

Your individual Price To Compare is listed in the "Message Center" section on your monthly bill. It is the amount you will be charged by PECO if you choose not to shop with a competitive EGS. 

All PECO Prices To Compare for electricity supply include generation, transmission and alternative energy charges. Offers quoted to you by competitive EGSs should therefore include these same charges.  If you choose an EGS, then the EGS will charge you for these services instead of PECO.  PECO will continue to charge you for distribution service.

PECO's Prices To Compare for electricity supply, which are based in part on the current wholesale cost of electricity, change quarterly as market prices change.

Calculate Your Individual Electric Price to Compare


Electric Prices to Compare

The tables below list PECO's Prices To Compare based on customer rate class. 

Please note that your individual PECO Price To Compare will differ from the prices listed below.  This is because each price is based on many factors, including your rate class and individual energy usage.

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