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Energy Supply Options


Your energy service has two parts – delivery and supply. Your bill shows the costs for both.

Delivery: This is the cost to deliver electricity or natural gas to you. PECO’s delivery cost and policies are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PA PUC). Delivery charges include all the infrastructure used to safely deliver power to your home or business. This includes poles, wires, gas lines, meters, equipment and trucks.

Supply: Supply charges cover the actual cost of the electricity or natural gas. You can shop for this part of your energy service. Supply is not a regulated service.

PECO is the default service provider for customers who don’t choose an alternate supplier. PECO procures generation supply at market value. We charge the Price to Compare (PTC) rate for the generation/supply part of your bill.

Shopping for a Supplier

You can choose PECO for your electric or natural gas supply, or you can shop for a supplier. You can shop based on factors such as price, special services or renewable energy.

The monthly savings that you may get by shopping will depend on the rate charged by the supplier(s) you choose. The prices charged by suppliers could be higher or lower than PECO’s PTC for the same services.

Use PECO’s PTC to evaluate offers from other suppliers. Your PTC can be found in the Message Center on your bill. PECO’s PTC changes quarterly in March, June, September and December.

Pennsylvania's Standard Offer Program

The Standard Offer Program (SOP), also known as the Customer Referral Program (CRP), is a great way for Residential and Small Business customers to save 7% on their electric supply by enrolling with a competitive supplier.

The Standard Offer Program includes:

  • A fixed-rate price, 7% below PECO's current Price to Compare on the date of the referral
  • Offered for 12 Billing cycles
  • No cancellation or termination fees – cancel at any time
  • Prior to the end of the 12 Billing cycles, you will be notified by the supplier of the new pricing terms and you can decide to remain with your supplier, switch to another supplier, or return to PECO
  • To enroll, call 1-888-754-1380

  • You can locate the current Customer Referral Program Discounted Price to Compare on our Electric Price to Compare page
  • Click here to learn more about Customer Referral Program

No matter which supplier you choose, PECO will continue to safely deliver your energy. We also will provide customer support for billing, outages, emergencies, and other issues. 

You can shop with energy suppliers that are licensed by the PA PUC and registered with PECO.

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