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Energy Supply Options


Shopping for a Supplier

There is no obligation to use PECO as your energy supplier, all customers can choose to shop for a supplier if they are interested. There are several factors to consider if you are looking into using an alternative supplier, such as, price, special services, or renewable energy sources.

The monthly savings that you may get by shopping will depend on the rate charged by the supplier(s) you choose versus PECO's Price to Compare (PTC). The prices charged by suppliers could be higher or lower than PECO's PTC for the same services.

We suggest using PECO's current and historical PTC to evaluate offers from other suppliers as well as checking throughout the year to ensure you are still making the best decision for you and your account. PECO's PTC changes quarterly in March, June, September and December and can be found in the Message Center on your bill and through the links below.

You can shop with energy suppliers that are licensed by the PA PUC and registered with PECO.

No matter which supplier you choose, PECO will continue to safely deliver your energy. We also will provide customer support for billing, outages, emergencies, and other issues.

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