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Gas Price to Compare

PECO continually updates its Prices To Compare to help you evaluate offers from competitive Natural Gas Suppliers (NGSs). Remember, you may be able to save money by choosing a competitive supplier!  Use your Price To Compare to estimate your potential savings!

NOTE:  The information below is not applicable to Gas Transportation customers or to interruptible gas customers.  Please refer to PECO's current Gas Tariff for specific Gas Choice eligibility requirements.

About the Gas Price To Compare

The Price To Compare is the amount you will be charged by PECO if you choose not to shop with a competitive NGS. 

All PECO Prices To Compare apply specifically to natural gas supply charges.   Offers quoted to you by competitive NGSs should therefore include these same charges.  If you choose an NGS, then the NGS will charge you for natural gas supply instead of PECO.  PECO will continue to charge you for distribution service.

PECO's Prices To Compare for natural gas supply, which are based in part on the current wholesale cost of gas, change quarterly as market prices change.

PECO provides sample calculations and methodologies below, which illustrate more of the details behind how we calculate the gas Price to Compare. 

Gas Prices to Compare

The table below lists PECO's gas Prices To Compare based on customer rate class. 

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