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How to Choose a Supplier

You may be able to save money by shopping for an energy supplier and we want you to understand how to choose the best supplier for you. PECO does not endorse any suppliers and we also will not call you or visit your home to promote suppliers.

Always use caution when sharing your billing or account information with anyone. Ensure you are speaking with a verified and reputable company or company representative. Scammers have been known to identify themselves as PECO or supplier representatives in order to obtain your personal, financial, and account information. If a phone call or in-person interaction seems suspicious, please proactively reach out to the supplier or PECO directly to ensure you are speaking with the correct company.

How do I shop for an electric supplier?


  • Click “Shop for Electricity” > Find Rates > Shop for Your Home or Business
  • Search using the zip code where you have PECO service

Questions to ask suppliers

The following are some questions to ask when shopping for a new electric supplier.

  • What is the price per kWh (electric)?
  • Is the price fixed, variable or does it depend on time of day or usage?
  • What is the length of the agreement?
  • Will I receive a notice before my contract expires? What happens when my contract expires?
  • If there a fee for switching or cancelling?
  • Is there a monthly or daily charge? Is there an enrollment fee?
  • Does the supplier offer a choice of energy sources, such as renewable energy?

Choose your supplier

  • You found a supplier that meets your needs. Click "Sign Up for this Offer." (You will need your PECO account number to sign up).
  • The Standard Offer Program (SOP), also known as the Customer Referral Program (CRP), is a great way for Residential and Small Business customers to save 7% on their electric supply by enrolling with a competitive supplier.
  • Switching suppliers won't change your electric service. PECO will safely and reliably delivery your electricity no matter which supplier you choose.

More Information

For more information about shopping for suppliers, visit our Customer Choice FAQs.

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