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How to Choose & Switch

You may be able to save money by shopping with a competitive supplier!  Although PECO does not endorse any individual suppliers, or visit customers door to door to promote electric or natural gas shopping, we are committed to helping every customer understand how they can shop and potentially save money by choosing the right energy supplier for their needs and circumstances.

Important message for commercial customers with electric demand between 100 kilowatts and 500 kilowatts.

What is Customer Choice?

Electricity travels from a power plant, a source of generation, to an electrical facility such as a substation in a neighborhood.  Moving electricity in this manner is called transmission. After this, moving electricity from that neighborhood electrical facility to your business is called distribution.  When you become a PECO customer, you initially pay PECO for all of these services -- generation, transmission, and distribution. If you are purchasing the electricity you use from a competitive electric generation supplier, you would pay PECO for distribution.

As a result of Electric Choice in Pennsylvania, developed by the state's Public Utility Commission (PUC) and the state's electric distribution companies in 1999, most PECO customers have the opportunity to "shop," for generation and transmission service from a competitive Electric Generation Supplier (EGS). If you choose an EGS, your supplier would charge you for these services rather than PECO.

Whether you purchase your electricity and/or natural gas from a competitive supplier or from PECO, PECO will continue to safely deliver electricity and natural gas, provide billing and customer support, and respond to outages and other emergencies for ALL customers.

In either case, PECO remains your distribution company.  We continue to safely deliver both electricity and natural gas for ALL of our customers, regardless of whether you "shop" for the above services from a competitive supplier or continue to receive them from PECO.  

Cost savings depend on rates

Any additional monthly savings that you achieve by "shopping" will depend on the rate charged by the supplier(s) that you choose.  The prices charged by suppliers could be higher or lower than the prices that PECO charges for the same services.

Choice is easy!

Use your PECO Price To Compare to "shop" and evaluate offers from competitive suppliers.  If you become interested in a supplier's offer, contact that supplier directly to discuss terms, conditions, and potential enrollment.

Suppliers may offer you one or more of the following billing options: 

  • Single Bill Option - One bill from PECO containing PECO's distribution charges and your supplier's charges.  The charge for this service is included in the PECO Customer Charge on your bill.

  • Two-Bill Option - Two separate bills, one bill from PECO listing your distribution charges, and one bill from your supplier listing their charges.  Contact your supplier to determine if that supplier will assess an additional billing charge under this scenario.

For supplier lists and more information

To see a list of competitive Electric Generation Suppliers, or to learn more about shopping for electricity, visit the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s PA Power Switch website.  

PECO provides a list of Natural Gas Suppliers currently offering service to its customers.  

See PECO's Customer Choice FAQs for additional information.  You may also direct general questions on Customer Choice to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Services at 1-888-782-3228.

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