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Customer-Generated Power

Customers are increasingly supplementing PECO​ energy with self-generated power. Interconnection is the process of registering and connecting power generation equipment to PECO's electric distribution system.​

​​Net Metering and Interconnection with PECO

Net metering is a way to capture the energy used and produced by a renewable energy generator located at a home or small business. Homeowners and small business owners who have a solar power system, wind turbine or similar energy generator can use net metering to offset their traditional utility costs. The excess power that is generated enters the general utility grid, and is tracked as negative usage on the meter. Interconnection refers to the technical, contractual, and rates and metering requirements that are settled between the system owner and PECO before the system is connected to the grid.



​For general questions about net-metering and interconnection with PECO please E-mail Us.

NOTE: Please do not submit interconnection applications or certificates of completion to this email address.

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