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Switching Suppliers

How do I switch or cancel?

Before switching or cancelling suppliers, check your supplier contract or ask your supplier if there is a fee to cancel. There is no fee to switch from PECO as your energy supplier.

Ways to Switch or Cancel

·      Contact your supplier directly

    • A supplier switch request (supplier enrollment, supplier drop, or return to PECO) for electric becomes effective in three (3) business days.
    • A supplier switch request (supplier enrollment, supplier drop, or return to PECO) for natural gas becomes effective on a scheduled meter reading date.
    • When PECO receives a request for an alternate supplier switch, we send you a letter including the supplier name, the effective date of the switch and the expectations for you and PECO.

·      Sign up with another supplier

·      Call PECO at 1-800-494-4000

    • We'll return you to PECO as your supplier at the current Price to Compare (PTC). Check with your supplier to find out if cancellation fees apply.

What happens after I switch suppliers?

  1. PECO will send you a letter confirming the details of your supplier switch
  2. The supplier you choose will send you an enrollment packet. This will include details about your agreement such as:
    • Your rate ($ per kWh or $ per CCF)
    • Price structure: Fixed or variable rate
    • Length of agreement
    • Enrollment and cancellation fee
  3. For an electric-only switch: An electric supplier switch or a return to PECO could result in a short-bill. You will receive this bill within one week of your switch. Note: This may be a different time in the month than you usually receive your PECO bill. You will receive a short-bill every time you switch electric suppliers. This bill will include:
    • Final charges from your previous supplier, from your last billing date through the effective date of your switch
    • Any balance from your previous bill that you may have not paid yet.

You will receive another bill during your monthly meter reading cycle. This will include charges for the remaining bill period.

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