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Understanding Your Bill


When looking at your PECO bill, you'll see that your energy service is broken down into two parts—delivery and supply.

Delivery: This is the cost for PECO to deliver electricity or natural gas to you, which is regulated by the PA PUC. Delivery charges include all the infrastructure used to safely deliver power to your home or business, such as poles, wires, gas lines, meters, equipment and trucks.

Supply: Supply charges cover the actual cost of the electricity or natural gas. You can shop for this part of your energy service. Supply is not a regulated service.

Regardless of if you are with another company or PECO for your supply, you will still receive a bill from PECO every month.

For customers who don't choose an alternate supplier, PECO is the default service provider. As a supplier, PECO procures generation supply at market value and charges the Price to Compare (PTC) rate for the supply portion of the bill.

If you are with a supplier, you will see their charges listed in the Supply portion of your bill, along with the name, address, and phone number of your supplier. Each month the supplier will provide PECO with their cost and billing information for their customers, which PECO includes on customer bills. PECO is not involved in any supplier charges. If a customer ever has a question about their supplier charges, they should contact their supplier directly.

No matter which supplier you choose, PECO will continue to safely deliver your energy. We also will provide customer support for billing, outages, emergencies, and other issues. 

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