e-Valuator profiles your energy use

If you think your organization’s electricity costs are “fixed” or can only be reduced by shutting down production at the expense of productivity and profits, think again! PECO offers a new technology that will allow you to take control of your energy usage.

e-Valuator is a Web-based electricity-profiling application from PECO that monitors how and when your company uses electricity.

e-Valuator gives your company the power to:

  • Quickly produce hourly, daily or monthly usage reports and compare them against previous periods.
  • Determine the daily costs of electricity consumption in advance of a bill.
  • Easily identify abnormal electricity usage to improve operating efficiencies.
  • Enhance “cost-based accounting” procedures by more accurately pricing products or services dependent upon electricity consumption.
  • Identify peak loads and analyze opportunities to shift them to less expensive “off-peak” times.
  • Contrast historical usage patterns to validate machine or process upgrades discern relationships between electricity usage, and outside temperatures and humidity.
  • Develop more effective electricity curtailment strategies and more!

Plus, if your organization uses PECO's Automated Meter Recorders, it already has everything it needs to begin subscribing to e-Valuator today–there's no additional equipment to buy or lease!

For more information

If you would like to learn more about e-Valuator, please e-mail us or call us toll free at 1-866-850-0357.