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Builders Handbook

For underground electric and gas installations for new homes in the PECO service area, please consult the Builder's Handbook to understand the general process for working with PECO to complete your project.
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Blue Book

For information on electric service requirements, refer to the PECO Electric Service Requirements Manual, or the "Blue Book." 

Revision Section Section Description (pdf)
02/2002 Section A Forward
10/2011 Section B Changes
02/2002 Section C Table of Contents
08/2008 Section D Internet Users
10/2011 Section 1 Introduction
02/2002 Section 2 Definitions
02/2016 Section 3 Services Available
08/2008 Section 4 General Requirements
08/2008 Section 5 Customer's Use of Service
02/2015 Section 6 Secondary Service Under 600 Volts
10/2011 Section 7 Services Over 600 Volts
02/2016 Section 8 Metering
10/2015 Section 9 Electrical Inspection Agencies
08/2008 Section 10 Acceptable Equipment
08/2008 Section 11 Cable Specifications
10/2011 Section 12 Illustrations
7/2012 Section 13 Electric Service Application Instructions

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