Meeting Alternative Energy Standards

At PECO, we comply with Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS) by focusing on procurement.  PECO owns no generation assets and therefore procures Alternative Energy Credits (AECs) for compliance puruposes.  An AEC represents one megawatt-hour of qualified alternative energy generation. 

For more information on Pennsylvania's AEPS:

AEC Procurements

Learn more about PECO's AEC procurements and find out how your organization may participate. 

Regulatory Orders

Examine Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission documents governing PECO's prior dedicated AEPS AEC procurements.

Receive Email Updates

Email the PECO AEPS Team to receive updates on dedicated AEPS AEC procurements as they become available.

All information on this site is subject to change at PECO’s sole discretion. Information on customer-owned renewable generation is completely independent of PECO's efforts to comply with AEPS regulations in Pennsylvania.

Self-Generated Power

Find information for PECO customers seeking information on aggregate or net metering related to customer-owned renewable generation.