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Tree Trimming Assistance

​​Large trees and branches can cause extended power outages when they come in contact with overhead power lines. PECO has an extensive maintenance program in place which helps keep lines clear for distribution and transmission rights-of-way. If you require assistance with tree and vegetation services, please submit a Service Request​.

For your safety, do not climb trees or trim trees that are located near power lines. Always keep children away from trees that are near power lines. Even momentary contact with a power line, or a tree or branch that is in contact with a power line, can severely injure or kill. 

Service Wire

​PECO does not perform non-emergency tree trimming for the wire running directly to customers' meters (the service wire). If you hire a qualified private contractor, or plan to do any trimming on your own, PECO will either drop or de-energize your service wire and will re-connect it once trimming is complete. Your home will be without power until your service line is re-connected. There is no charge for this service. 

Make your work site safe; request to work near energized facilities:

Request Form​​

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