Benchmarking for buildings

The PECO Smart Energy Usage Data Tool was developed to assist in benchmarking your commercial building energy usage.

Once set-up is complete, this application could provide energy usage data electronically.  Owners and operators of buildings can now request energy usage data online.


Philadelphia City Council passed legislation requiring all buildings in Philadelphia that are 50,000 square feet or larger to be benchmarked and to disclose energy and water consumption data.

You can use the PECO Smart Energy Usage Data Tool and the Energy Star Portfolio Manager to help comply with the electric potion of the new benchmarking regulation.

Click here to visit the City of Philadelphia’s benchmarking website.

This system also allows for easy data export into the ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager, enabling owners and operators to benchmark their buildings’ energy performance to similar buildings throughout the country.

To take advantage of the Energy Usage Data Tool, follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the enrollment form
  2. Request a sign-on by sending an e-mail with the completed enrollment form attached
  3. Once you receive your sign-on credentials log into your account
  4. Link your ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager  account to PECO Smart Energy Usage Data Tool

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