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We help business customers reduce energy costs through a variety of customized rebates and programs. Explore the options and see how your business can begin to save.

PECO Smart Equipment Incentives

Incentives to help your business. PECO offers financial incentives for retrofits that incorporate energy efficient measures for all major end uses. Find out how these incentives can help small businesses, commercial and industrial facilities, government, institutions, and non-profit organizations.

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PECO Smart Construction Incentives

Build using sustainable design. Commercial buildings designed and constructed to use less energy can help businesses save money, save energy, and prevent carbon emissions. Find out how PECO incentives can help offset construction costs.

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PECO Smart Business Solutions

Benefit from the direct installation of energy saving measures, including eligible lighting, HVAC and refrigeration. This program is designed for businesses with a monthly peak demand below 100 kiloWatts.

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PECO Smart Multifamily Solutions

Multifamily building owners and residents can benefit from in-unit direct installation of energy-efficient lighting and other eligible energy efficiency measures. Includes facility assessments and common area energy retrofits. Residential unit occupants receive benefits through participation by building management.

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PECO Smart On-Site

Earn incentives for the installation of combined heat and power systems including micro-turbines, reciprocating engines, fuel cells and non-renewable technology.

PECO Smart A/C Saver

Make your air conditioner work for you! With our Programmable Communicating Thermostat (PCT) installed in your facilities, we’ll pay you $20 a month, totaling up to $80 for the summer months, to remotely manage your central air system.

PECO Smart Driver Rebates

With PECO Smart Driver Rebates we offer rebates and incentives for business customers investing in new electric vehicle technology. Specifically, we will pay business customers $50 per car just for letting us know they have purchased an electric vehicle.  

PECO Smart Gas Efficiency Upgrade

Earn a rebate by increasing your efficiency. Learn more about how upgrading to a high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® qualified furnace or boiler can make a difference in the short term and the long run.

PECO Smart Natural Gas Conversion

Invest in the advantages of conversion. Explore the cost-saving opportunities of making natural gas your primary heating fuel.


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