PECO Smart Natural Gas Conversion

Summary of Customer Responsibilities

  • Restoration in the street and/or municipal Right of Way will be completed by PECO and is typically completed within 4-6 weeks, weather permitting.
  • Preferred meter location checked o_ on section 2.4 of this contract
  • Minimum 1” galvanized steel fuel line through house wall with 3-5 pound air test with gauge attached.
  • At least one appliance or heater hooked up and ready for gas in order to set meter.
  • Contact Henkels and McCoy for your single meter set at 215-283-8065. Provide 3 days notice when scheduling your single meter set
  • Dual meter sets at the same property— please call at least 2 weeks prior to needing multi-meters set contact:
    Bucks & Montgomery Counties - 610-941-1586
    Delaware & Chester Counties - 610-490-3158
  • Customer owned underground facilities (i.e. dog fences, drains, landscape lighting, wells, septic systems, underground oil tanks, sprinkler systems, etc) must be marked to avoid damage. Anything unmarked and damaged is customer’s responsibility for repair.

Natural Gas Service Line Availability

If you do not already have a natural gas service line, you may be able to have one installed if natural gas is available in your area. there may be a cost associated with adding a service line to your property.

Homes currently without a natural gas service line are eligible for credits from PECO toward the installation costs of a natural gas service line for each qualifying natural gas appliance installed.

If your home currently does not have natural gas, your home may not be close enough to a nearby gas main to allow technicians to install a natural gas service line to your home without first extending the gas main. Please note that the cost of extending the gas main can be costly and is not covered by PECO.

PECO is continuously improving our system infrastructure and expanding our capacity. To find out whether your property resides along an existing gas main, contact PECO. For Bucks and Montgomery counties call 215-956-3270 and for Delaware and Chester counties call 610-725-7160. Please have your account number ready (see upper left hand corner of your utility bill).

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