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Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles

Powering fleet vehicles with natural gas is less expensive than gasoline and diesel fuel. Natural gas costs, on average, one-half less than conventional diesel. The U.S. Energy Information Agency reports that natural gas, on average, costs 42 percent less than diesel fuel on an energy equivalent basis and is expected to cost 50 percent less by 2035.

In addition to cost savings, vehicles running on natural gas produce less greenhouse gas emissions than regular unleaded gas or diesel fueled vehicles. CNG vehicles emit only 13.6 pounds of CO2 per gallon compared to gasoline at 19.36 pounds of CO2 per gallon.

Natural gas vehicles also decrease dependence on foreign oil. While the United States imports more than 60 percent of the oil it uses, 98 percent of the natural gas used in the U.S. is produced in North America. And the U.S. is leading the way in discovering and producing natural gas embedded in rock – much of it right here in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has launched a new, natural gas vehicle website. This website contains links to valuable information and a survey for prospective natural gas vehicle projects. Visit today for important information on natural gas vehicles.


As you consider conversion to CNG for your vehicles keep the following important information in mind.

Make sure there is a local CNG fueling station nearby. PECO operates several CNG fueling stations that are open to the public. To locate these stations, and other public CNG fueling stations locally and throughout the country, visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s site.

Many vehicle manufacturers are expanding availability of new CNG models, mostly in the truck and van categories. Contact a local dealership to find out more about CNG vehicles. If you do not want to purchase a new CNG vehicle, there also are several companies that specialize in converting vehicles to run on CNG. To learn more about CNG vehicle conversion, visit the Natural Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA) site.

Purchasing or converting fleet vehicles and installing refueling equipment may also qualify for tax credits and other incentives. To find out more about these benefits visit the N​GVA site.

Fleet Operations

​​Fleets can dramatically reduce fuel cost and see tremendous benefits by converting vehicles to CNG. If you would like more information about converting your fleet to CNG, please e-mail PECO.​

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