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PECO Electric Upgrade Project in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania

About the Project in Lower Merion

PECO is investing $20 million in and around the Lower Merion area as part of our proactive efforts to enhance the local electric distribution system for you and your neighbors.

The project will strengthen electric infrastructure to better withstand more frequent and damaging storms in our region, deliver enhanced reliability for our customers by reducing the frequency of outages and the duration of those that cannot be prevented, and support the adoption of clean energy resources, like solar power and electric vehicles.

What We're Doing

We will replace all wires, cables, poles, devices, and transformers on the circuits associated with the Overbrook Substation, which will be retired following this work. In addition, new aerial devices called reclosers will be installed. When a problem occurs, like a fallen tree limb or a lightning strike, the recloser stops the flow of electricity on the line and automatically restores electricity where possible.

Poles will be replaced to meet current industry standards – they will be taller than current poles. Trees and vegetation will be cleared to safe distances from PECO's equipment. Clearance distances are based on tree species and types of electrical equipment and are aligned with industry standards for maintaining safe and reliable electrical service.

This project requires vegetation work in Lower Merion, including tree work that we have identified on individual properties. Tree trimming and removal promotes reliability and safety by ensuring proper clearance and minimizing vegetation that could potentially cause a power outage.

All work will be performed by PECO crews and qualified PECO contractors, and we will notify customers if tree work must occur on their property. PECO works with certified arborists and adheres to ANSI A300 standards when managing tree trimming and removal.


In anticipation of work beginning, qualified PECO contractor Davey Resource Group (DRG), will be conducting in-person consultations over the next several months beginning March 8 to review the required tree work on your property.

Tree work is scheduled to begin in Spring 2023 with construction to follow.

Project Map


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the project in Lower Merion, please contact us at


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