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Private Solar

If you are a solar contractor or developer, or if you are working with a professional solar contractor, it is important to understand the key terms and steps within the process.

Connecting a solar energy system? Download our interconnection brochure (pdf).

What is an "Interconnection"?

An interconnection is an electric connection between a utility's grid and a private generation system (PGS). A PGS, also known as distributed generation (DG), has the capability to send energy to the utility's energy grid. This does not apply to systems intended for sole purpose of emergency backup generation.

Application Process

Interconnection applications are required for all private generation systems (PGS) supplying energy to the electrical grid. Residential and business customers can submit an application themselves or choose to work with a professional contractor to submit an application.

Typically, contractors complete and submit the required application on behalf of their clients. The application asks technical information that an experienced contractor will know how to provide.

PECO's Connect-The-Grid is a one-stop online tool for solar contractors to submit, organize, view, communicate, update, and track their interconnection applications. Click here to see a video to learn more, including how to register.

Click here to access PECO's interconnection applications.

Generation System Sizes       

Smaller Generation Systems

A smaller generation system is often large enough for a residential household. The technical way of describing these smaller systems is that they, "distribute less than 5 MVA". MVA stands for Mega Volt Amps, which is a measurement used to express the total electrical demand of a system. Learn about smaller generation systems.

Larger Generation Systems

In contrast to smaller generation systems, larger generation systems distribute greater than 5 MVA. These systems are usually on the wholesale scale. Have you ever seen a large building or open space with rows of large solar panels? These are likely larger generation systems. 

Interconnection Questions?

Have more questions about the interconnection process? Check out our Solar FAQs or view our interconnection brochure (pdf) for more information.

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