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Smaller Generators

If you are considering the option of connecting a solar energy system to PECO's electric distribution system, you must meet certain requirements before moving forward. In general, this section applies to smaller generators (e.g., residential power projects).

Procedures and Requirements

Please follow the procedures and requirements for connecting small generator facilities to the PECO transmission or distribution system. A service and meter form and the appropriate interconnection application is required.

Interconnection Guidelines

For small generators with applications rated at 50 kW or less, see PECO's "Yellow Book" Requirements for Parallel Operation for customers with generation not exceeding 50kW (pdf).

For large generators with applications rated at greater than 50 kW, see PECO's "Gray Book" Interconnection Requirements for Parallel Operation for generation greater than 50 kW (pdf) for guidelines for interconnection of generators to PECO's distribution system.

Generally speaking, distributed generation facilities that are certified by nationally recognized testing laboratories and meet certain standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Underwriters' Laboratory, and the National Electrical Code, may qualify for interconnection under an expedited review process provided for in Levels 1 – 3. Please see Pennsylvania Public Utility Code – Title 52, Chapter 75 (Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards) for specific qualification requirements (screens) for each interconnection level.

Application Fees

Application fees vary by interconnection level. View fee table (pdf).

An application fee is charged for each interconnection application submitted. Applications received by PECO without payment will not be entered into the interconnection process for review by PECO.

PECO's Connect-The-Grid is a one-stop online tool for solar contractors to submit, organize, view, communicate, update, and track their interconnection applications. Click here to see a video to learn more, including how to register.

Interconnection Applications and Agreements

Interconnection applications are required for all private generator facilities connecting to PECO's distribution system. Typically, contractors complete and submit the application on behalf of customers. The application asks for technical information that an experienced contractor will know how to provide.

We no longer accept applications via email. Please us the APPLY NOW button below. Or you can visit to register and submit your applications electronically.

Ready to submit an application electronically?


Application Levels:

  • Level 1 - Inverter based unit of 10kW and under
  • Level 2, 3 or 4 – Generation up to 5,000 kW

*Applicants seeking to install generation approaching 2,000 kW or larger should contact PECO at
1-833-732-6334 for guidance in determining the appropriate application process.

    Applications fees can be mailed to PECO with the associated fees. Please be sure to include the project address in the memo section of the check. Please send check or money order only; do not send cash to the following address:

    1050 W. Swedesford Rd.
    Berwyn, PA 19312

    Questions? Call 1-833-732-6334.

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    Metering Information

    Please refer to the following documents for meter information for certain net metering facilities:

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