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Smart Meters

​​​​​Smart meters are digital meters that wirelessly provide secure, two-way communication between the meter and PECO and also provide you with more information about your energy usage. Similar meters exist for natural gas.

Smart Meters for PECO Customers​

In 2012, we began replacing our current electric meters. Our new electric meters help us provide more information to customers to help them understand how they use energy, and how to save energy and money. For example, we now offer an interactive website that shows customers how and when they use energy, and what steps they can take to use less energy and save more money.

We are also able to:

  • More quickly connect or disconnect service – providing faster, more convenient service for customers who are moving in, out or around the neighborhoods we serve; and quick support to local fire departments and other officials during an emergency.
  • Identify potentially dangerous situations like tampered meters and theft of electricity.
  • Detect problems faster and have more information – helping us deploy our field forces more effectively.
  • Provide the platform for future new products and services to customers.

Along with this effort, we also continue to invest in our energy delivery system. Each year, we install more pieces of advanced equipment to identify and correct problems before outages occur or, if an outage does occur, reroute power to restore service faster. This project is part of PECO's continuing support of Pennsylvania's Act 129 and is included in the costs already paid by customers.

Natural Gas Meters

Our natural gas meters provide new functionality and enhanced communication with our system. In addition to this work, PECO is replacing existing natural gas main and service lines with plastic pipe across our system. This work enhances safety and improves service.​

​Fact Sheets
Electric Meter Project (pdf)
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