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Commercial & Industrial

​​Energy is one of the biggest expenses for commercial and industrial facilities. Depending on your business, increasing the energy efficiency of your facility can offer benefits that include lower energy costs, enhanced comfort for occupants, improved production and environmental stewardship. 

PECO provides energy efficiency solutions and incentives for businesses representing a broad range of sectors—from restaurants, convenience stores and retail franchises to data centers, municipalities, schools.

​Four Easy Steps to Get Started

Contact the PECO energy-efficiency team, and we'll help you:

1.  Evaluate your energy efficiency opportunities.
We offer solutions for every type and size of business to help you save energy and improve your bottom line. 

2.  Choose qualifying equipment and measures.
Which energy efficiency solutions make the most sense for your facility and budget? What incentives do you qualify for? We'll cover it all with you.

3.  Apply for your incentives.
No headaches, no fuss. We'll make sure the necessary documentation is completed properly so you get your incentives as soon as possible.​

4.  Enjoy all the benefits of energy efficiency.
Lower energy use, verified annual energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions are just the beginning.

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Call 1-844-4BIZ-SAVE (1-844-424-9728) or email PECO Smart Ideas​​.​

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