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​​​​​Want to reduce operating costs in your multifamily building? Want to increase the value of your property and meet the demands of tenants looking for environmentally responsible housing options? Improving the energy efficiency of your property checks all those boxes.

If your property has two of more units, PECO provides free on-site energy assessments and installation of energy-saving products in each dwelling unit to help you and your tenants reduce energy use and costs. Incentives and solutions are available for multifamily buildings including apartments, condominiums, mixed-use and assisted living facilities. Installation or upgrading to qualifying high-efficiency equipment in common areas or making whole building improvements are eligible for incentives.

​Five Easy Steps to Get Started

Contact the PECO energy-efficiency team, and we'll help you:

1. Schedule an appointment for a complimentary energy assessment.
Our technical experts will inspect your facility and provide an unbiased assessment of potential projects to improve energy efficiency.​

2.  Understand your energy assessment report and get complimentary in-unit product installation.
Which energy efficiency solutions make the most sense for your property and budget? What incentives do you qualify for? Your report covers it all. And you'll get a variety of energy-saving products installed in each unit at no additional cost.

3.  Pursue additional opportunities to save energy and earn incentives.
You can work with your preferred contractor or find a list of contractors here.

4.  Get rewarded with incentives for your qualifying projects.
No headaches, no fuss. We'll make sure the necessary documentation is completed properly so you get your incentives as soon as possible.

5.  Enjoy all the benefits of energy efficiency.
Lower energy use, verified annual energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions are just the beginning.

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